Did you know that investigators need to be licensed?

All workplace investigators in Alberta and British Columbia need to be licensed and insured except lawyers and internal investigators. If you hire an external consultant who conducts an investigation for your firm, you should ensure that their consultant is licensed for investigations by the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General. Not only does the individual need to to be licensed but so must their business be licensed to conduct investigations. You can simply ask to see their license.

And workplace investigators should be insured when conducting investigations. While an investigator may have business insurance, they may not be covered for investigations. You should check.

Licensing provides protection to you and your organization and ensures some modicum of competency. Beyond this minimum requirement, you should inquire of potential investigators what their specific training and experience are in the area you want to investigate. Workplace investigations are critically important for the health of the organization, the complainant, the respondent, and the witnesses. Too many investigations have been done poorly that seriously affect the lives of your employees. Moreover, a poorly conducted investigation can hamper your case if you need to be before the courts or arbitration.

If you hire unlicensed investigators, you risk the integrity of your investigation.

Rest assured, when you hire us, you can be confident that Falcongate Ltd. and all its investigators are licensed and carry insurance.


Dr. Bob Acton is a Consulting Psychologist, Licensed Investigator, and Executive Coach. He has considerable experience with workplace investigations and HR advisor consulting about psychologically healthy workplaces, mental health in the workplace, and workplace misconduct. He has a wealth of experience with both coaching leaders and consulting on behavioural problems surrounding mental health particularly within the workplace. He integrates that knowledge and experience into investigations and human resource consultations.  He's worked within many industries including oil and gas, education, legal, government, health, transportation, administration, entertainment and travel.