New Strategies to Enhance Eyewitness Memory

Strategies to improve eyewitness evidence accuracy The Problem Workplace investigators strive to gather accurate information from eyewitnesses, but often ineffective policies, inadequate procedures and politics inhibit this process. Investigators are interested in eyewitness evidence accuracy as it is critical to the outcome of the investigation. In the workplace, employees who believe they have been mistreated [...]

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Jim Lehrer’s Rules of Journalism as Applied to Investigations

Jim Lehrer, the renowned journalist, in a 1997 report by the Aspen Institute, outlined the rules for journalists to ensure journalistic integrity. As my colleague Amy Oppenheimer noted, these are outstanding rules for investigators as well. We strive to adhere to these as well. Do nothing I cannot defend. Do not distort, lie, slant, or [...]

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Workplace Investigators Need to be Licensed

Did you know that investigators need to be licensed? All workplace investigators in Alberta and British Columbia need to be licensed and insured except lawyers and internal investigators. If you hire an external consultant who conducts an investigation for your firm, you should ensure that their consultant is licensed for investigations by the Alberta Justice [...]

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Determining Credibility in Investigations: Seven factors to weigh evidence

By Bob Acton, Ph.D., R.Psych., LPI[1][2] “Facts are facts.” Often this phrase implies that there may be no question about the "facts" as they are explicit evidence of the occurrence of an event. Nevertheless, people often will present with different sets of facts in recalling an event. The classic, "he said – she said," fits [...]

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By Bob Acton, Ph.D., R.Psych., LPI, Glen Haner, LPI, and Karen Anthony, BA, PCC, C.Med., LPI. Investigations are a key deliverable for most Human Resource (HR) professionals, and effective interviewing skills form a cornerstone in the production of quality results in investigations. Interviewing others, a component of investigations, particularly in the context of a quasi-legal [...]

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By Bob Acton, Ph.D., R.Psych., (1) LPI; Merv Gilbert, Ph.D., (2) & Jessica Figley, BA, BSW, RSW (3) When complaints of workplace misconduct occur, it is not uncommon for someone to raise ‘mental illness’ as a complicating factor. It may be an issue for the complainant, the respondent, or bystanders. This mental health issue may [...]

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Six steps for the best practice method to handle traumatic experiences during investigations By Dr. Bob Acton, Ph.D., R.Psych., LPI. People who have experienced psychological trauma are present in every workplace. Some people have experienced developmental trauma in their childhood, some (such as first responders) have experienced it daily as a part of their work, [...]

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