Legal Translation Services Play a Part in an Effective Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy

With Sexual Harassment in the Limelight, Are Your Non-English-Speaking Employees Trained in Your Company’s Policy? Legal translation services in the workplace play an important role in helping non-English-speaking employees understand the company’s policy. The Harvey Weinstein scandal opened up a massive debate on gender relations that was a long, [...] Click here to view original [...]

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10 Point Checklist to Brief an External Investigator

10 Point Checklist to Brief an External Investigator The external investigator must be independent, unbiased, and neutral. The organization must refrain from pressuring the investigators in their approach to the investigation, how they conduct it, or their findings. To assist employers, please find below our 10 point checklist to help ensure clear roles and responsibilities. [...]

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Top 5 Bullying Cases from 2017

Here is a snapshot of five key, recent cases and the lessons to be learnt from them for employers from Grevis Beard. 1. Misuse of the Complaints Handling Process – Adamopoulos v Thompson Healthcare [2017] FWC 2505 In this case, three nurses colluded to bring about the [...] Click here to view original web page [...]

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Managing Workplace Romances

Managing Workplace Romances Workplace romances are once again in the news thanks to Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon Barnaby Joyce, MP from Australia. Whatever you think of the reporting on Barnaby Joyce’s relationship and pending parenthood with a former staff member, it is clear that the issue of romantic relationships at work is [...] Click [...]

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