Post-Investigation Team Renewal

Investigations into workplace misconduct are highly stressful experiences that commonly cause disruptions in morale and productivity. Investigations in the workplace strain workplace relationships despite attempts to keep information confidential and to restrain rumours and gossip.

The post-investigation process can help you identify what policies and procedures failed and led to the problem.

The post-investigation renewal is an educational effort to help people understand why and how investigations are conducted. It’s a process to assist staff and leaders to move on after an investigation is completed and a method to help people understand what their responsibilities are going forward regarding both the law and your organization’s values and policies.

It’s an opportunity for the parties to ask questions and clarify concerns. It’s a chance to help leaders and staff to improve their communication and teamwork and to educate about how you expect your workplace to effectively work together.

Behaviour Shift for Leaders

A leader’s most precious resources are the people that he or she leads. But after a complaint and an investigation, the leader can lose the trust of the people in the teams and groups they lead. They need to recover effectively and quickly if they are to remain in the same workplace.

Our leadership coaching focuses on helping leaders recover and repair their reputation and actions in the workplace so they can move forward in their work and careers. Our work helps leaders face the challenges of such repair, re-build trust, and modify behaviour so that they can effectively take on the leadership roles they are responsible for.

*Our investigation and post-investigation services are separate. We only provide post-investigation services when we haven’t done the investigation.

Behaviour Change for Employees

Valuable employees can occasionally engage in behaviour that is contrary to respectful workplace policies. We provide training and coaching for such individuals to improve their knowledge, attitudes, and skills in respective workplace behaviour.

Policy Review

Creating effective, meaningful, and practical policies and procedures that are legally compliant are critical to your business’s success. We provide policy reviews, consultations, and development of policies for your organization to create standard operating procedures (SOP) in the area of workplace psychological safety that fit with your organization.


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