Leading High Performing Teams is hard work. Delivering results within a team or group environment is exhilarating AND challenging. This complicated process can achieve great success but can also be fraught with difficulties. Our process helps identify where you need to start and stop to build effective teams. The word team seems to be used for any collection of people yet teams and groups function differently and need to be led differently. Also, there are different methods needed to assess a workgroup or team, if one is conducting a review or evaluation.

A “team” consists of 3-25 people who: Work toward a common set of goals, Work jointly, performing interdependently, Share common leadership, Share a common fate dependent on the performance of the team and see themselves as being part of a team with common goals and a shared fate (Curphy and Hogan).

A “group” is different, not less than but merely different. A group is a cluster of people that do not share the above five characteristics of teams. An example of a group that is not a team is a department in a College.

We help team leaders lead effectively to produce high-performance results.