An integrated approach allows you to benefit from all our expertise. It eliminates a single perspective and helps you have what you need immediately to solve your human resource challenge especially when under the pressure of an investigation. Our extensive expertise in investigations, workplace mental health, mediation, human resources, leadership, and labour relations provide organizations the best knowledge and experience to conduct effective investigations and consultations that leave you, the organization, with supported conclusions and practical recommendations.

This doesn’t mean that each aspect of every investigation uses each of our team. We only apply the needed people in each situation to give you the benefit of our skills.


Misconduct, prohibited or illegal behaviour in an organization or a regulated body creates multiple layers of personal distress, low productivity, legal and litigation risk, and organizational dysfunction. When a complaint is raised it is critical that organizations take the complaint seriously. After a review of the complaint, the organization may request an external investigation take place. Our services provide a solution for Complaint Directors and Human Resource professionals with:

  • External investigations by experienced and reliable investigators
  • Consultations regarding complaints, procedures, workplace functioning, and policy development
  • Training in internal investigations for your team
  • Learning sessions about misconduct, harassment, discrimination, workplace theft, workplace conflict and violence, and report-writing.

High Standards

Complaints about prohibited or illegal behaviour (e.g., harassment, violence, discrimination) and your organization’s response involve considerable legal and litigation risk. Our investigations follow best practice investigatory procedures developed via years of work in police and civil investigation experience.

We maintain investigation and reporting standards that relate to consent, confidentiality, and data security that are state of the art. We are members of the Association of Workplace Investigator and adhere to the Professional Guidelines of the AWI.

Our standards include comprehensive interviews of all parties concerned thus eliminating the risk of a limited investigation. We also understand the need to manage investigation expansion. Our document review includes an examination of all pertinent organizational and legal policies and procedures.

We are ever mindful of the impact these investigations have on all parties and treat everyone with the utmost of respect.


Our reports are format standardized to be able to demonstrate procedural fairness. We understand that our processes and the reports may be used to support significant decisions in peoples’ lives and, as such, we create reports that hold up under scrutiny and are legally defensible.

We not only make reference to the complaint, investigation procedures, data, and supporting facts but we also report on the observed impact of the alleged behaviour.

Moreover, we comment on internal policies and procedures in a secondary document that allows organizations to improve the quality of their own policies and procedures in the area of harassment and psychologically healthy and safe working environments.


Our consultations are provided to both human resources and organization leaders to assist them to create policy and procedures that protect both the employees and the organization itself and align with the law and negotiated agreements. We also consult on workplace education about harassment, bullying, and mental health.


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