All our investigators have deep knowledge and experience relating to harassment and violence in the workplace investigations in both a non-unionized and a unionized context including all legislation relevant to harassment and violence in the workplace such as Canadian Human Rights Act, Canada Labour Code, and associated provincial legislation. We also have considerable expertise in mediating conflict and knowing quality conflict resolution strategies to use for challenging workplaces. Our team strives for continuous learning. We are collective members of the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI), International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (IIIRG)), Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada (ADRIC), and the International Coach Federation (ICF). We work hard to bring our clients up-to-date information.


Dr. Bob Acton

Dr. Bob Acton


Bob Acton was a Clinical and Consulting Psychologist for over 40 years and is now focused on investigations, consulting, training and assisting organizaions to be healthy and productive places for all to work. He has considerable experience with investigations working as an Licensed Investigator (W051664), Practice Review Adviser, Acting Complaints Director, and  over the last 20 years. He has a wealth of experience with both coaching leaders and consulting on behavioural problems surrounding mental health particularly within the workplace. He integrates that knowledge and experience into investigations and human resource consultations.  His CV can be found here. 

Karen Anthony


Karen Anthony is a Licensed Investigator (#W052565), Professional Certified Coach, and a Professional Mediator and has a passion for resolving conflict and she specializes in resolving workplace conflict. Karen takes here deep knowledge of conflict and mediation to both provide in-depth investigations and strategies to recover from workplace conflict. Karen’s CV can be found here.

Glen Haner

Glen Haner


Glen utilizes best-practice investigations gleaned from years of work as a senior Royal Canadian Mounted Police leader and Investigator with Public Interest Commissioner’s office in Alberta. He held several senior leadership roles with the RCMP and is also a valued instructor in areas of bullying and harassment, critical incident stress debriefing, and mental health first aid. Glen brings his wealth of experience to investigating workplace allegations with precision. He is a Licensed Investigator (#W050113). His CV can be found here.

Keith Donaghy

Keith brings unparalleled attention to detail with his work with Falcongate clients. His ability to conduct independent research or analyze hundreds of emails, Keith leaves no stone unturned. Keith serves the firm’s clients with all aspects of impartial investigations, including interviewing, data assessment, and reporting.  

Prior to joining Falcongate Keith, as a Psychologist, has held a number of senior leadership positions in healthcare where he leads critical initiatives, created healthy working environments, and effectively dealt with conflict in the workplace.

Brian Barth

Brian brings a wealth of experience in investigations, managing complex conflict situations, and mediation/conflict resolution. He has been part of hundreds of formal investigations and played various roles such as advocate, mediator, and interviewer. He is very familiar with labour laws and human rights policies and legislation. Not only is he skilled in the various aspects of investigation and conflict resolution, but he is also an avid learner and has acquired skills and certification in conflict coaching, arbitration, mediation, trauma-informed care and restorative justice. He has chaired and been a member of various boards pertaining to ethics and mediation. Finally, Brian is well versed in instructional design and will take a key position with some of our new training programs.


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