The Workshop:

Join us for a fast-paced experience to learn strategies that will help you successfully manage and conduct an investigation that obtains factual evidence and is impartial, fair, timely and will be upheld under scrutiny. This half-day workshop teaches specific interview techniques to successfully engage witnesses, integrates strategies such as trauma-informed methods, and identifies solutions to 15 things to avoid that could invalidate your investigation. Practice using case studies to enhance skills. The workshop concludes with live practice using case studies to enhance your engagement and observational skills. This workshop will be applicable to both union and non-union organizations and their respective HR professionals. Each participant will receive a workbook.

The Presenter:

Dr. Acton is a Licensed Investigator and Clinical and Consulting Psychologist who has years of experience assessing, investigating, and managing workplace investigations and conflict across a variety of industries. He has worked in both union and non-union environments and his in-depth knowledge of psychology and mental health bring a level of expertise not common among investigators. He leads a team of highly experienced investigators and mediators in Alberta and British Columbia.


$99 + GST.

Coffee, tea and water provided.

To register in various cities in British Columbia, click on the appropriate link below.

March 23 in Kelowna, BC

March 25 in Burnaby, BC

March 26 in Vancouver, BC

March 27 in Surrey, BC

March 30 in Victoria, BC

March 31 in Nanaimo. BC